As the most well-preserved ancient city in the Arab world, Fez Morocco is a truly fascinating place for all sorts of different tourists and travelers to explore. This destination further distinguishes itself by being the largest car-free urban area in the entire world.

Founded in the year 808 AD, its full name is Fez El Bali which means “Fez The Old.” In addition to its incredibly rich history, Fez draws in many travelers with its reputation for being the spiritual and intellectual hub of the country of Morocco.

Unlike many places in Morocco, Fez does not sit on either the Atlantic Ocean or the Mediterranean Sea; however, it offers great attractions like a bustling medina where one can do virtually anything – from getting a haircut and shave to enjoying a delectable meal, the medina in Fez is reason enough to come to this venerable Moroccan city.

Spiritual Center, Glorious Food and Colorful Markets

Without a doubt, one of the best reasons to come to Fez Morocco is to see what life is like away from many of the bustling trappings of modern technology. Without the steady roar of traffic, one’s senses get to experience many more interesting phenomena.

For sheer excitement of getting away from traditional large cities, Fez is an indispensable part of any holiday in Morocco. By traveling on foot, one can slow down the pace and catch a glimpse at what life must have been like centuries ago. Indeed, coming to Fez is to travel through time to a simpler era; there are few places left in the world today that remain as untouched by intrusive examples of modernity as Fez.

Fez Morocco: Delve Further into Moroccan Mystique

Even though Fez largely eschews modern technology, it isn’t lacking in interesting attractions. A 14th-century religious college known locally as the Bou Inania madersa is just one example of the rich history to be found here. Two ancient fortresses in the hills around the city afford visitors excellent views of Fez, making them great places to begin an exploration of the city.

Although many of the religious attractions in Fes Morocco are limited only to Muslims, one can still take in their exterior architecture and have a great view of a centuries-old cultural tradition.

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