Located on the Atlantic Coast almost directly due west from Marrakesh is Essaouira Morocco. For many years, this seaside town played second fiddle to many other more popular destinations in this north African country; recently, however, tourists and travelers have been rediscovering the many great charms of Essaouira and have been turning it into quite a popular destination.

From June to August, the beaches of this town are quite packed with sun worshipers; throughout the rest of the year, visitors will find the place much less crowded and easier to navigate. No matter when you plan on being in the area, though, Essaouira has something to offer anyone and people with all different sorts of interests will enjoy a holiday in this lovely seaside town.

Essaouira Morocco: One of Morocco’s most Enjoyable and Attractive Towns

There is no doubt that the beach dominates the culture and tourism in Essaouira Morocco most people who come here end up spending a great deal of time there. While the beaches here are okay for sunbathing and relaxing, they are even better for things like windsurfing and other water sports.

The popularity of these pursuits is readily apparent upon arriving at the beach in Essaouira, where one can immediately witness many people participating in them most of the time. Do not worry if you did not come here with equipment of your own, as it can be hired by many different vendors along the length of the beach. It is very easy to spend a majority of your time in Essaouira along the water engaging in various sports and splashing in the surf.

Essaouira Morocco: A Popular Windsurfing Destination

Beyond the beach, Essaouira has many other great attractions to keep visitors on their toes. The Medina – or center of the town – is walled in and automobiles are not permitted. However, mopeds are allowed and zip around frequently in this area of town.

Regardless, the Medina is a good place to take in the sights of Essaouira Morocco and to get a feel for the culture outside of the ocean. For those who enjoy hiking, there are many great places in the countryside around this town that are excellent to explore. Guided eco tours depart daily from Essaouira and are quite reasonably priced.

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